Where To Look For A Compare And Contrast Essay Outline Template?

Searching for a compare and contrast essay example can be tiring and cumbersome if you do not know where to search for such examples. Here is a brief guide that might just come in your help if you are searching for good samples quite aimlessly.

  • Look in online databases
  • Online databases comprise of journals, open-source databases such as non-profit digital libraries that are teeming with research papers written on diverse topics and of course, the online student communities where the members share and exchange samples on different topics.

    For example, if you sign up on an online journal, they will instantly grant you access to a large database of compare and contrast articles. Skim these samples carefully to know how an outline of this type of article is formatted, the formatting requirements and the style.

  • Search in your college library
  • Your college library might be the best place to look for outline examples. It is unfortunate that many students at college and university levels simply ignore their college libraries because they fear that the database might be too vast for them to handle. However, libraries are places where the articles, journals and books are properly catalogued and segmented.

    Therefore, if you take time out from your busy schedule to visit your college library, you may find quite a huge collection of article samples. Get a couple of them and study thoroughly to understand how compare and contrast articles are written. More importantly, you can skim these samples to understand the basic outline.

  • Ask your seniors
  • People who are studying at just one or two levels higher than you can be very helpful. Ask for relevant samples from them. If you maintain a good rapport with your seniors, chances are there that they will share samples with you happily.

    These samples can be very useful in getting the basics of outlining a compare and contrast essay. You can also ask for samples from your mentors and classmates. Your mentor may just guide you with samples which you could not access otherwise.

  • An academic writing agency
  • Academic writing agencies operate in a professional manner and they usually have ready samples in their database. If you manage to get in touch with a truly trustworthy agency of this type, finding a good sample is only a matter of time. Contact their customer support or simply sign up to gain access to their e-library.